Part 1. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring a House Painter

We understand that choosing the right painting contractor can be nerve wracking.  Today we will walk you through the first mistake most homeowners make when hiring a house painter, along with the solution.

Mistake #1

Hiring a painting contractor without making sure they are licensed, bonded and insured.  In other words, not hiring a professional house painter.

If your painter is not licensed, bonded and insured, you open yourself up to a high-degree of
financial risk. In fact, it could cost you a small fortune if anything goes wrong.
And there are many things that could go wrong. Here are just 3 examples:

  • Let’s say one of the workers falls off a ladder and hurts his back. As the home owner, you could be responsible for the ambulance, hospital and rehabilitation bills, which could easily be tens of thousands of dollars or more depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Or, what if paint spills on your expensive carpet, car, furniture or artwork? Well, you’d
    be stuck with the damage and would have to pay out of your pocket if you wanted to
    replace it.
  • They take your money but don’t finish the work. Then what? You’re left with an incomplete paint job that looks worse than it did before you hired and paid them. Likely they even did a shoddy job with the part they did do. So, you either live with it or have to pay a new painter to correct their mistakes and finish the job, costing you substantially more.

Solution #1

Make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded, insured AND that they pay workers
compensation on all of their employees.

When you hire a painting contractor, it is important to be sure that they meet all of these
requirements. This way, if anything goes wrong on the job, you will not be stuck with the bill!

  • Compensation Insurance – Insures that you will not have to pay if a worker gets hurt on
    the job.
  • Bonding protects you – the consumer – if the contractor fails to complete a job, doesn’t
    pay for permits, or fails to meet other financial obligations, such as paying for supplies
    or subcontractors or covering damage that workers cause to your property.
  • General Liability Insurance – Insures that if your property is damaged in any way from
    the job, you will be compensated for it.

How do you know if a painting contractor is licensed, bonded and insured?

They will have a CCB#, which stands for Construction Contractors Board, the state entity
responsible for issuing contractor licenses and keeping an up-to-date database of the
company’s standing.

To investigate, go to

Type in the company’s CCB number, name of company or name of owner.

You’ll instantly see the status of their license, the workers compensation insurance information,
the liability insurance information, and the CCB bond information, as well as if there have been
any disputes.

*Paintegrity Inc. CCB#:211943
Owner: Jeremy Girard

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