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From initial bid to the completed job, you can expect us to be honest and to be our word.  Feel secure in the knowledge that we will keep you in the loop at all times.  While we are among the highest rated painting professionals, we are also humans, and therefor make mistakes from time to time.  In the rare event a mistake is made, you can bet we will do everything within out power to make it right, at our expense.


We are capable of providing the highest level of detail available to any and every project, and do not cut corners.  We work together with you to come up with a customized plan for your painting project, based on your budget and house painting goals.

Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee!


An attitude of gratitude is something we strive to embody with each interaction.  We know that when you hire us, you are trusting us to get the job done right.  Thank you for the opportunity to show you the Paintegrity difference.

A fun little story of why Paintegrity Inc. is your best choice for a high detail paint job.

The Painter's Wife

I am a professional screw-er. Now, before you jump to conclusions, get your minds out of the gutter while I explain.

My husband and I started a painting company several years ago. Because our core principles were based on integrity, quality and gratitude, we decided to name the company Paintegrity.  In case you can’t tell, the name has the words paint and integrity all rolled into one. FYI, it’s pronounced paint-egrity, not pain-tegrity, as some who’s names shall not be mentioned have snickered about.

On the day I became a professional screw-er, Jeremy was working on a huge job in Portland. He spent the previous Saturday working sixteen hours, and Sunday working twenty. So, on Monday, in need of some relief, he requested my help on the job site for the week.

I love to get the opportunity to work on the job sites. I get to put on a pair of Jeremy’s painter’s whites, my own Paintegrity tee, and hang out with the crew. They rarely allow me to handle a paint brush, probably because of some valid reason like being scared I’ll knock the bucket over or splatter paint all over a beautiful trim job, so I am usually assigned the very prominent task of crap-picker-upper.

But this day was different. This day, trust was placed in my hands in the form of a screw driver.   Click Here to Read More

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