Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

How much do you charge per square foot?

It depends on several factors. Such as:

  • the number of windows
  • the amount of trim/wood work
  • the amount of plants/bushes close to the house that we'll be working around,
  • the amount of paint flaking
  • the number of coats required, etc

Coming out and taking a look is the only way to provide you with an accurate bid.

What kind of a guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 1-5 year guarantee on all work we do, as specified in the bid. Usually, any problems that could potentially arise (such as paint bubbling), will appear within the first few months.

After a year, we will give you a courtesy call to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed.

How can I be sure you do quality work? What are your credentials?

We have devoted an entire page to answering that question and why you can trust us.

Visit this link to find out:

What are your quality standards?

To us, a high quality paint job consists of these 3 areas of your paint job:

1. Preparation: To insure a smooth finish, the preparation work we do before we paint is very important.

  • If exterior, we power wash your home so that it has a clean start.
  • We remove all loose paint, restore deteriorated wood, etc. with specialty products.
  • We restore aging surfaces and make sure to caulk and seal all needed areas (such as windows, door jams, corner boards, holes, etc).

2. Product: The paint that you use on your home is very important.  You want to make sure that you use paint that will look good, and last for years to come.

  • The paint we use have warranties beginning at 25 years-life
  • For exteriors, we use a product that is a paint and primer all in one, which assures that all surfaces get primed and have proper adhesion for years to come.

3. Application: This is very important because some painters (in order to save time and money) will paint your home in a way that may look good from the curb, but not up close.

  • When we use a sprayer, we make sure to  roll or brush during application (if the surface is rough or porous)
  • We are detail oriented. We make sure your home looks good no matter how close you look at it
  • Cleanliness -We keep the job site clean. We cover all areas that we will be painting around, including: concrete, doors, windows, furniture, floors, etc. and clean up our materials when the day is finished.

What else should I know about Paintegrity?

  • We are licensed, bonded and insured so that if anything does happen on the job, you are not held liable.
  • We make sure to do it right the first time, by using paint will last for years to come, and providing you with high quality workmanship.
  • We care about our clients, and you can rest assured that we will treat you with respect by showing up on time, calling when we say we will, and listening to and answering any questions or concerns that you may have.

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